About Us

Vida - pronounced VEE-dah, is of Spanish origin and means 'life'. 

Growing up in the King Country I learnt all about wool and the importance of  wearing natural fibres. Our daughter Vida was born in March 2016. Unable to find her a hat made from natural fibres other than the 'standard issue beanie', I decided to head down to the local fabric shop and make her one myself. I sat for hours at the kitchen table and constructed a pattern and eventually a headwrap hat using my late grandmothers sewing scissors.

We were forever getting compliments from people on how gorgeous her ruffle headwrap hat was, asking where they could purchase one from. I made a few for friends, subsequently getting friends of friends contacting me, wanting one for their baby. This is when I decided to launch Vida & Co. 

Vida & Co products are proudly handcrafted by me for you and your babe. The ruffle headwrap hats are all made from merino. Merino is the best fabric to dress your little one in, luxuriously soft, breathable, and a natural temperature regulator. 

I hope you enjoy browsing through our beautiful collection.

Thank you for choosing Vida & Co. 


Candice xx